Can you resize a ring?

Many of our jewelry pieces can be sized or altered. We offer this service free of charge, one time only. This applies strictly to in-stock items and not to custom orders. To find out if a particular piece of jewelry can be altered please contact

How long will it take to make my custom item?

All custom orders take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Some custom orders may arrive sooner, depending on the country of origin. All custom orders are final sale and are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Do I need an appointment to look at engagement rings/wedding bands?

No, appointment necessary. Stop in any time, and we'll be glad to help you!

Do you accept trade-ins against the price of new jewelry?

We are open to discuss trade-ins of your jewelry for a new piece from the store. Please feel free to bring your piece with you and we will examine it.

Do you repair jewelry?

Jewelry bought in the store or online will be repaired free of charge for one year from the time of purchase, provided the cost of repair does not exceed 10% of the original purchase price. After one year and/or if the cost of repair exceeds 10% of the original price, a charge will be quoted after assessing the damage. We also offer repair service for a fee for jewelry bought elsewhere. Repairs are normally returned to the designer of the piece, we do not have a jeweler on-site.

Do you service watches?

No, we do not sell or service watches.

What does "heat treated" mean?

It means the gemstone has undergone some type of heating process in order to alter or improve its appearance – most commonly, its color. Very deeply, vividly blue sapphires have probably been heat treated to produce the intense color.

What is a "natural" stone?

A stone that is natural has not been treated with any heat or chemicals to alter its appearance, such as to change the color or downplay defects in the stone.

Are all sapphires blue?

Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, including blue, colorless, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, and black. Soho Gem specializes in natural sapphires, which come in a rainbow of colors.

Is it true diamonds are the hardest stone and can't be broken?

Diamonds are indeed very hard, but given a sharp knock they can still be chipped or cracked. Use care when wearing your diamond jewelry, and remove it for tasks that might damage it.

Can I exchange an item bought on sale for something else?

Sale items can be exchanged for another sale item only, and within 10 days of the original purchase.

I have Soho Gem store credit. Does it ever expire?

Soho Gem store credit never expires, you may use it at any time.