Customer Experiences



Has been in the same location in SoHo for over 25 years. 

With virtually no advertising it has built a loyal clientele. 


There are many reasons why Soho Gem stands out amongst other retail jewelry 

stores in New York City.  

*The quality of customer care and friendly service is top notch.

  *The attention to detail when creating a custom designed piece of jewelry is exceptional.

*The staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  

*The selection of jewelry designs are tasteful and the quality of the jewelry will

stand the test of time. 

 *The reason we don't advertise is simple, our customers recommend us to others.

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Customer Reviews  

“We loved being able to speak to Soho Gem, look at the various styles, then customize a ring to make it the perfect engagement ring-exactly what we wanted” 

Ashley and Andrew



" From the moment I met with the Soho Gem team, I knew they would make
my vision for my ring come to life. They were easy to work with and explained
the entire process to me and my fiance.  
They truly nailed the design and I was absolutely speechless when I saw my ring.  I highly recommend the Soho Gem Team - they truly make
dreams come true!
Hannah and Nis



" Our experience at Soho Gem has been unbelievably positive.

From the moment we entered, we were grate with friendliness

and great hospitality"

Lauren and Mitch 


" When we first walked in, Winona was super sweet and friendly. She

understood my vision entirely and brought us great diamonds.

From then on she worked with Adam and made us

super excited about the process"

Melissa and Adam



 Pics by 
Ana M Camejo