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Valentine's Day 2019

Posted by Winona Richardson, G.G. on

When the world is cold - she warms your soul. 

We've got the perfect gifts to suit her style and make her smile!

Filigree Earrings

Dove's Morganite Jewelry

Chefridi Jewelry and Wedding Band

Malaya Garnet Jewelry

Etho Maria Black Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Armenta Jewelry on Sale

Garnet - January Birthstone

JANUARY'S BIRTHSTONE-GARNETIntroducing Irina's Garnet Jewelry Collection I hope everyone had a beautiful, healthy, and joyful holiday – filled with loving memories to cherish for a lifetime. As we turn the page of the calendar, many of us look at the first month of the year as a time to kick off healthy resolutions - to explore new passions [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas

"It's the most wonderful time of the year - treat your love to a special gift she will treasure forever. Dazzling diamond and gemstone jewels for the holidays - and every day! Visit Soho Gem for the most beautiful, delicate, and unique jewelry to make this season Merry AND Bright!"SHOP BY DESIGNERIrina Ferry:Exclusive at [...]

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Sapphire Engagement Ring vs Diamond Engagement Ring

In order to be considered a Gemstone, a mineral must possess three specific qualities:It must be Beautiful. It must be Durable. It must be Rare.For generations, the term “engagement ring” has been synonymous with a glittering, colorless diamond solitaire ring. Spectacularly brilliant and of superior hardness, diamond is most certainly a gem worthy of its popularity [...]

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Giveaway Pink Malaya Garnet Earrings

You are invited to celebrate Soho Gem’s 20th Anniversary! We are GIVING AWAY these amazing Malaya Garnet Earrings by Irina Ferry. Valued at $1500, these earrings can be YOURS!Click HERE to enter                                                              [...]

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The Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

For centuries, mention has been made of an exceptional sapphire – a fabulous gem the color of a delicate and exotic blossom. Like many of its bright blue brethren, its lore originates in the jewel-rich island of Sri Lanka – but fine specimens of this mesmerizing stone have also been discovered in the lands of East Africa and [...]

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Alternative Engagement Rings - Gemstone Engagement Rings

As jewelry professional, the aspect I love most about what I do is the opportunity to build joyful moments. That precious and wonderful experience of helping people select a special gift or symbol of love - to be adorned and cherished for a lifetime. To be part of something that will evoke happy memories for years to [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Give the gift of holiday sparkle with a treasure from Soho Gem. Come browse our curated selection of fine ladies’ jewelry - from classic to fashion forward, we have something to suit her signature style.In this season of giving – don’t forget to treat yourself! Stop in and discover the jewels that really make [...]

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Cushion Cut Diamonds - The Magic and Mystique

It was a just another Tuesday; another session of looking at parcels of diamonds for engagement rings – some to buy, some to pass.Most of the diamonds brought in that day hadn’t been to GIA for grading. This one was no exception. All that was scribbled on the corner of the parcel was “Cush – 2.05 ct”. [...]

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Our passion for alternative, non traditional engagement rings

For the past 70 years the diamond was the stone of choice for couples looking to get engaged. Today, the modern consumer is excited to embrace the "nontraditional" engagement ring. Alternative bridal  means sapphire engagement rings, gemstone rings, and symbols that are as unique as the couple commissioning these stunning custom pieces. Irina Ferry, owner and designer [...]

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