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Posted by Soho Gem Fine Jewelry Boutique on 4th May 2022

Follow These Expert Tips On Selecting The Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

You’re about to get engaged. Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s one of the most exciting benchmarks of anybody’s life, and there’s plenty of pressure involved.

One of the most difficult elements of popping the question to your special someone is finding the ring that strikes the right chord. You need something that represents the beauty of your relationship on top of suiting your partner’s sensibilities and personality.

At first, it may seem relatively simple. Then you start shopping for a ring, and you realize that you’ve entered deep, murky waters with a dangerous current.

The prices can be steep, and you don’t want to drop a vast chunk of your savings on a ring that doesn’t conjure some kind of magic.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Soho Gem has been helping people like you find unique, love-affirming engagement rings for twenty-plus years. Due to that experience, we’ve got helpful tips to put you on the correct path toward the best possible purchasing decision.

Read on to find out what you need to know about sapphire engagement rings:

Why Are Sapphire Engagement Rings Ideal For Your Proposal?

You’re already here because you’re thinking about purchasing one of the many gorgeous sapphire engagement rings available on the market.

The options are plentiful, whether we’re talking green sapphire engagement rings, teal sapphire engagement rings, light blue sapphire engagement rings, etc.

Still, you might be considering other options. We’re here to emphasize the value of sticking with sapphire engagement rings instead of stressing out looking for anything else. Here’s why:

Sapphire Engagement Rings Are A More Cost-Efficient Option

Compared to diamonds of the same shape and carat weight, sapphire engagement rings are the more cost-efficient option.

You don’t have to sacrifice the size of a center gemstone because an enormous diamond isn’t in your budget. Moreover, you’re not breaking the budget for an engagement ring that looks stylish and sleek. This notion rings true no matter the aesthetic, whether antique, vintage, with accent stones, as solitaires, and in most shapes and cuts.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Come In a Variety Of Colors

Part of the reason sapphire engagement rings are so versatile is the array of dazzling colors in which they’re available. There are vibrant green sapphire engagement rings, eye-catchingteal sapphire engagement rings, sophisticated light blue sapphire engagement rings, pleasing pink sapphire engagement rings, and more!

Sapphire Engagement Rings Are The Ethical Option

If you’re a socially conscious consumer, sapphire engagement rings might be ideal.

Since they’re mined in a community or family-owned small mines, sapphires can be easily tracked when finding out who’s profiting from the sale. Typically, the local community benefits the most from your purchase of sapphire engagement rings.

Australia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar are often where sapphires are mined. This distinction is important because these countries are known for safer mining conditions and practices.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Are The More Unique Choice

It’s no mystery that diamonds are the traditional choice for most engagements. Therefore, choosing one of our sapphire engagement rings means you’re going with a more unique option. Purchasing one means your special someone will stand out from the crowd after you pop the question.

Furthermore, sapphire engagement rings are one-of-a-kind because of the differences in shade. You won’t find one sapphire that looks like the next–even when they’re the same color.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Stand The Test Of Time

You don’t have to worry about sapphire engagement rings getting damaged over time because they’ve got a 9 ranking on the Mohs hardness scale. That means sapphire engagement rings are extremely durable and can withstand being worn daily.

Furthermore, sapphire engagement rings don’t break when struck by an object because they don’t have cleavage. They’re also scratch-resistant.

Sapphires Are Incredibly Rare. Even Rarer Than Diamonds

Despite the clever marketing campaigns that present diamonds as the rarest of all commodities, they’re more common than the four other precious gemstones. Sapphires included.

This rarity makes sapphire engagement rings an exceptionally desirable option when popping the question.

Now that we’ve explained why you’re making the right decision by looking for sapphire engagement rings, we’ll delve into tips on picking the perfect ring.

What’s Important When Looking At Sapphire Engagement Rings?

We can go on for days about why sapphire engagement rings are the right choice when proposing to your significant other. However, you’ll only reap those benefits by knowing how to find the right ring for your proposal.

Follow the tips below, and you’ll have a blueprint for finding the best sapphire engagement rings on the market today:

How Do You Know Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Well-Cut?

While we’ll happily champion the value and appeal of sapphire engagement rings, they can be challenging to figure out. After all, being the less traditional option than diamond rings means there’s less known about sapphires by consumers.

There’s generally a need for sapphires to be custom cut, bolstering the color and brilliance of the gem display.

It’s then worth noting that sapphires don’t have specific requirements for proportions due to the sheer number of colors in which they’re available. They also have uniquely distinctive properties, making it even more impossible to apply templated proportions.

Thus, you’ll find that sapphires aren’t graded by a gem lab and are subject to the cut standards of jewelers instead. They’ll also focus on factors such as:

  • Vibrant color depth
  • Transparency
  • Weight quality

You’ll find that color saturation indicates quality. Specifically, evenly colored sapphires are worth more than less saturated, lighter sapphires and inkier, darker ones.

Additionally, we’ll point out that sapphires are most frequently available in oval, round, emerald, and cushion shapes.

Understanding The Colors Of Sapphire Engagement Rings

We’ve already discussed how sapphire engagement rings come in a plethora of different colors. For instance, at Soho Gem, we sell green sapphire engagement rings, teal sapphire engagement rings, light blue sapphire engagement rings, and more!

Color is a crucial component of choosing sapphire engagement rings. Your fiancee-to-be deserves a captivating piece of jewelry that draws the eye. However, what factors make the color sapphire engagement rings really pop?

First, there’s the hue, encapsulating the sapphire’s actual color and comprised of the strongest color and other slightly noticeable colors.

Pure-colored gemstones with slight hues are worth the most. For instance, blue sapphires begin in slightly purplish-blue hues and end at somewhat greenish-blue.

With pink sapphires, they go from pink to somewhat purplish pink.

Another consideration is how each color has its own meaning. Here’s what we mean:

Meaning Of Green Sapphire Engagement Rings

Green sapphire engagement rings typically represent calmness and tranquility. Plus, green sapphires symbolize integrity, trust, and loyalty.

On top of that, it’s believed that people donning green sapphire engagement rings promote peace, thoughtfulness, and love.

Meaning Of Light Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Light blue sapphire engagement ringsare regularly associated with hope and celestial faith in medieval and ancient cultures.

Furthermore, light blue sapphire engagement rings represent protective properties, evoke spiritual insights, and offer good fortune. They also symbolize kindness, good judgement, power, and strength.

Meaning Of Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings

The meaning of teal sapphire engagement ringshas its roots in Middle-Eastern and Eastern cultures.

These origins stem back centuries. Tibetan Buddhists viewed teal as representing the sky and sea's endlessness. Conversely, Egyptians believed teal sapphires symbolized faith and truth.

Due to these various forms of symbolism, teal sapphires are incredibly romantic and make an ideal engagement ring.

Undoubtedly, there are more colors for sapphire engagement rings. Still, these examples can offer some necessary inspiration during your purchasing journey.

As for other factors to examine the color of sapphire engagement rings, we’ll discuss them in the next subsection:

Saturation And Tone Of Sapphire Engagement Rings

The tone of sapphire engagement rings refers to the color depth. Specifically, how dark or light is the color? The answer is weighed on a scale of:

  • Medium-light
  • Medium
  • Medium-dark
  • Dark

There’s then the saturation of the sapphire, which deals with how minimal the brown or grey hues are. Gemstones with strong or vivid color saturation won’t have much grey or brown and are the most desirable.

Scales for sapphire saturation go from dull/weak to pure vivid. It might be more expensive when you pay for the pure vivid saturation, but it’s often worth the extra money.

The Clarity Of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Imperfections and inclusions are challenging to avoid the sapphire engagement rings. Moreover, flawless cuts are unaffordable to many buyers.

The sapphires available on today’s market are typically heat-treated, enhancing clarity and color.

Interestingly, inclusions on diamonds don’t really matter–whereas they’re a significant selling point for sapphires.

Enhancements On Sapphire Engagement Rings

When sapphire engagement rings have their appearance enhanced, they’re generally labeled “lab treated” or “heat-treated.”

Treating gemstones involves a process wherein high temperatures and pressure are applied in a laboratory. Doing so alters the tint color significantly.

The asking price will be much higher when gemstones aren’t treated but maintain their deep color and eye-catching clarity. This jump in cost stems from the universal desire for unique, “perfect” gems.

Upon a color enhancement’s completion, there’s usually no applying other special care due to the treatment’s permanence. Other treatments to improve clarity (e.g., infusing colorless oil, wax, or resin) are possible. They might necessitate extra special care to prevent damage.

Accompanying Settings For Sapphire Engagement Rings

Undoubtedly, the quality of a stone in sapphire engagement rings is of the utmost importance. Yet, you’ll benefit from considering the setting and shape once you’ve decided on your purchase.

One option is purchasing accent diamonds, which look gorgeous when paired with sapphires, sparkling gloriously next to deep blue gemstones.

Other colored stones also offer ideal accompaniment for sapphire engagement rings. Generally, the shapes used are emerald, cushion, round, and oval. The ring settings are usually either white gold or silver.

Do Sapphire Engagement Rings Offer Enduring Value?

While more affordable than diamonds, sapphire engagement rings are still a significant investment. It’s only natural to desire lasting value from this purchase if you potentially want to sell in the future (it’s hard to predict rainy days, after all).

High-quality sapphires do offer that lasting value because they are quite rare. The disclaimer is that they need to be of the highest quality to provide the resale value you’re looking for.

Only Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings From A Company You Can Trust

Before shopping for sapphire engagement rings, you need to ask yourself an important question. Do you really want to entrust the centerpiece of your marriage proposal to a faceless company that mass produces jewelry?

We at Soho Gem are here to say that you deserve better.

Mass-produced jewelry providers can’t offer the personalization, specificity, and uniqueness you require when shopping for sapphire engagement rings.

Soho Gem has bucked the trends of mass production in a world where the Amazons of the world muddy up the bridal market. We’ve carved our niche with handmade, Irina Ferry-designed custom engagement rings and sleek wedding bands.

Our team at Soho Gem is filled with industry experts, including experienced jewelry professionals and GIA-graduate gemologists. As a result, our boutique stands out as an industry leader in product quality and customer service, no matter your budget.

The approach at Soho Gem empowers you–our client–to choose from our diverse selection of gems and custom designs. This philosophy has made the jewelry-purchasing process with us an enjoyable experience instead of an intimidating one.

Do you have any more questions about our sapphire engagement rings?

This might be one of the most important purchases of your life. So, you should leave no gemstone unturned in your product research. Fortunately, we’re experts on the topic and happy to answer any of your questions.

Contact Soho Gem today with your inquiries. Our customer service team is second to none and will shed valuable light on any questions asked.