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Wedding Band Trends and What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Yours

Posted by Sarah Nahikian on

As the weather warms and the bridal season approaches, there are a number of things on the couples' minds. After the cake has been cut, the flowers are wilted, and the last notes of the musiweddic have drifted into memories, the wedding band will be a reminder of the day for many years to come. Today's couples approach the wedding band decision from many angles, and while some feel very beholden to tradition, many of our downtown New York City brides and grooms are opening up to creative combinations like never before.

The setting of a woman's engagement ring will often dictate a great deal about what will work for her. Some engagement rings are set slightly higher with the purpose of allowing a wedding band to fit flush against it while others have baskets that are lower to the finger, as is often the case with vintage styles. A perfectly matching wedding band is always an option, and creates a very cohesive and classic look. Many brides will otherwise opt for a band with more texture, design, or colored diamonds and gemstones so that it stands out in contrast. As the styles for these bands tend to be thin or dainty, more and more women are adding to the look over the years with additional bands and different color metals or designs. Thin micropave diamond bands are still a big hit and available in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold.

Vintage and lower settings can sometimes require a custom designed wedding band to fit around the outside of the ring. It can be a beautiful look together, though if you are planning to wear your wedding band by itself on occasion, it may look as if there is a missing puzzle piece. Some brides resolve this by wearing their wedding band and engagement rings on separate hands, while others opt for a straight eternity band on either side of the engagement ring to lend symmetry to the look.

Wedding Band Banner

Most wedding bands are called 'eternity bands' because the diamonds go all the way around without interruption. This means that even as the ring spins around on your finger the design will be visible. Each band is custom made and ordered to fit the finger perfectly, and is best ordered through a quality jewelry store with lots of experience in sizing and longevity. In the case of a band that is precisely fitted to the engagement ring, it is not necessary to have diamonds on the underside as it will not spin.

Mens' wedding bands come in the classic gold and platinum options, as well as some more alternative options such as titanium and palladium. Once the material is chosen, the biggest decision comes down to relative width and design. Men are moving away from their comfort zone with orders for slightly squared off bands or rose gold to match their wife to be. Couples can then choose to have something engraved on the inside of the band such as a quote, a lyric, or the wedding date (so he can't forget an anniversary)!

Give yourself plenty of time to decide and order, as the wedding bands are (aside from the photographs) one of the few elements of the wedding day that stays with you forever, and is a sentimental reminder of promises made and kept.