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The Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

Posted by Winona Richardson, G.G. on

For centuries, mention has been made of an exceptional sapphire – a fabulous gem the color of a delicate and exotic blossom. Like many of its bright blue brethren, its lore originates in the jewel-rich island of Sri Lanka – but fine specimens of this mesmerizing stone have also been discovered in the lands of East Africa and the Isle of Madagascar. Of sapphire colors – it is among the most rare, prized by connoisseurs and the darling to all who have chanced a glimpse of its captivating hue.

The name? Padparadscha.

Like the water lotus from which the name is derived, the padparadscha sapphire is a combination of yellow, pink and red, with flashes of orange. Described as the vision of a beautiful sunset across a tropical sky, this stunning color of the padparadscha can vary from that of a delicate pastel to a vibrant vermillion fire; some exhibit more pink, others have a richer salmon-orange hue. The more intense the tone and saturation, the more valuable the padparadscha –the finest gems of this sapphire variety can command tens of thousands of dollars per carat, a price to rival that of natural blue sapphire and ruby.

The design of her engagement ring is a traditional one – a single stone surrounded by a row of diamonds – but Princess Eugenie of York’s selection of a sparkling padparadscha sapphire for the center is a truly distinctive choice, sure to pique public interest in a gem whose name is still relatively unknown. Regardless of it’s growing notability, the availability of this sapphire is quite limited, with shoppers who dream of a padparadscha engagement ring finding very limited choice, if any options at all.

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