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Why Choose Soho Gem?

Posted by Winona Richardson, G.G. on

Over my 24 years as a career jeweler, gemologist and estate jewelry enthusiast I’ve fielded a fair share of questions about what I do from friends, family, colleagues and customers. Addressing their queries is both an opportunity to enlighten on the art and science of jewelry and an impetus to research and enrich my own breadth of knowledge.

One of the questions that I have been asked – quite often, actually – is how I choose where I want to work. So I pondered: What is it about a place that makes me excited and to wake up every morning and brave the NYC transit system? What qualities do I look for in my teammates? What makes a “job” more than a job – what about it feeds my soul?

The answer?  It’s quite simple…yet…not easily found.

I want to work for a place with a superb reputation that is substantiated by its longevity in the industry.

I want the diamonds and precious gemstones that I sell to be of exceptional quality and value – everything that I offer be a reflection of my passion for beauty and adherence to the highest standards of grading and scientific analysis by the world leaders in gemology.

I want to spend my day with coworkers who are professional, thoughtful, detail-oriented, compassionate, and kind. Friends who greet every visitor as a welcome guest– with inherent respect and fairness.

I want colleagues of uncompromising ethics; people who share my enthusiasm for our work and nurture lasting professional relationships based in trust and built upon tenets of honesty and openness.

I want to collaborate with skilled artisans who embrace creativity and welcome custom design .

I want to present my clients with what THEY want.  I want to be challenged to find the rare and unusual. I want to surprise and delight!

I want every piece that comes out of our workshop to be masterfully made; jewels that exceed the recipients' expectation to enchant for generations.

I want an environment that fosters joy, where people come because they know their occasion will be valued as a celebration. A place that honors how the beauty of a moment can capture the memory of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I want my thoughts for the day – as the store approaches closing time and I get ready to get back on my train home – to be this:

I think we brought a bit of happiness today.

In short, my criteria are quite straightforward: I will only work for the best!

So of all the jewelry stores in New York City – of all the jewelry stores in the WORLD -why should YOU choose Soho Gem?

For the same reasons that I chose Soho Gem!

Come visit Soho Gem at 367 West Broadway for the most beautiful jewels and the best team of jewelers!  See you soon!