Spodumene group

Color: pink-violet, light-violet

Moh's hardness: 6.5 - 7


Kunzite is a very young gemstone that has only been known a little over a hundred years. In 1902 a New York jeweler and gemstone specialist by the name of George Frederick Kunz (1856 - 1932) discovered this pale pink gem in San Diego, California. According to custom, the newly revealed gem was given the name "kunzite" in honor of its patron. Today, kunzite is mainly found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, Brazil and the USA.

The hardness of kunzite is fairly good, between 6 and 7 on the Moh's scale and when cut this stone possesses supreme brilliance. Something to be aware of is that the color can fade in direct sunlight, for that reason wearing kunzite jewelry while sunbathing or on the beach is not recommended.

Kunzite is available in relatively large sizes at affordable prices. When making a purchase you should remember that it is first the color and then the clarity which determines its value. Most kunzites have a fairly light pinkish color. Stones with a strong pink-violet color are rare and thus correspondingly valuable. 

Popular as a healing stone, kunzite is said to enhance a person's capacity for devotion, understanding and to grant inner peace. It has also been attributed qualities that liberate us from worry and anxiety and is therefore an excellent gemstone for those suffering from strain and stress.