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Our passion for alternative, non traditional engagement rings

Posted by Kelly Schaber on

For the past 70 years the diamond was the stone of choice for couples looking to get engaged. Today, the modern consumer is excited to embrace the "nontraditional" engagement ring. 

Alternative bridal  means sapphire engagement rings, gemstone rings, and symbols that are as unique as the couple commissioning these stunning custom pieces. 

Irina Ferry, owner and designer of Soho Gem has embraced this beautiful shift in design with a coveted selection of Bridal jewelry.  Irina has a passion for Mine to Market gemstones and non-traditional bridal. Her custom engagement ring collection features emeralds, unheated sapphires, bi-color sapphires, spinels, rubies, and so many more. Many of these stunning stones also come with GIA or AGL certificates which detail their origin and any treatments.  Irina's one of a kind rings are perfect for the bride who's on the hunt for something stunning and unique! 

These are just a few of the gorgeous stones that we currently have in stock at Soho Gem! Want to make one of these beauties your own? Stop by and see them in person! #fallinlovewithgems

Stay tuned for more blogs about gemstone sustainability and the adventure of gems from mine to market. And, check us out on Yelp! Our 5 star reviews show that our customers love working with our educated staff and our in house gemologists! 

Check out some of our favorite rings!

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